Welcome to Billy’s for a memorable dining experience that is unique in the Colorado Springs area. Based on a Chicago Heritage, Billy’s serves award winning Italian Food, prepared completely on site under the direction of a great lover of Italian food.
Deep Dish PizzaAs a local “Mom and Pop” operation, Billy’s provides a pleasant alternative to the “Industrial Big Box” food and service of a large corporation restaurants. Billy’s takes pride in the fact that everything is handmade on site from scratch in order to provide you with the freshest dining experience possible. Billy’s roasts their own Italian Beef, uses only fresh vegetables, and makes their own dough and the sauces used for the pizza and pasta dishes. Billy’s grinds their own meat and stuffs their own sausages. Billy’s crunchy yet chewy crust can be prepared to your liking whether you chose the thin or the “Chicago Style Stuffed” pizzas. The pizzas are baked on a stone in the “Old World” tradition and may require a little longer baking time, but the difference between this, and the six minute conveyor belt baked pizza can be tasted with every mouth watering bite. The ” Stuffed” pizza is built to order starting with a double bottom crust in a two inch deep pan. Then this mammoth pie is stuffed with fists full of cheese and other toppings of your choice and then covered with rich handmade sauce. These specialty pizzas can weigh anywhere from four to eight pounds.
Ask Billy’s to build one for you today!